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I enjoy cosplaying, writing, and drawing~

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- April 23rd - What’s going on..? I went to work like usual but by the time I got home I was all covered in tally marks!

Katsucon 2014 - Matryoshka Group

Gumi - Me

Gakupo - artificial-shadows

Luka - taragoesrawrlikeapanda

Miku - sozakunixe


Cosplaying with friends is the best hobby ever

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Katsucon 2014 - Fire Emblem Awakening Cosplay

Myself as female Tactician/FeMU

artificial-shadows as male Tactician/MU

darakumegami as Tharja

ceratopian as Nowi

Let me know if you’re pictured and I’ll tag you, this was a fun Sunday photoshoot <3


I somehow found this post and…… yes…..

((bonus Nah and Yarne… because… I love……….))

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Can’t handle loneliness..
Horribly depressed.. Don’t want to be alive anymore. .-.
I miss you…


I heard we were drawing Manakete.

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Walhart progress.

ETA: August (Otakon).

My boyfriend’s Epic cosplay progress *-*