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Sometimes CAH hits too close to home.

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Otakon 2014 - Aversa Photo Suite Shots


FE circle from Silverdrop Studios’ OTAKON 2014 video.
This scene is at about 1:19.

Check out the full video. The shots and editing are great ^^

The fact that I actually manage to do something/look sexy in this clip <3


A character can still be a great character without being a good person.

In fact, some of the best characters are terrible people.

Because a character’s worth should be based on how complex and interesting they are, not their morality if they were real.

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a hundred years, rick and morty



Friday at #oakton So much fun, found a really cool #aversa before the fire emblem photo shoot. #fireemblem #tharja

Aversa is rekki-otaku!

Yay cosplay friends~!  Dark Magic ftw *brofist*


"A meager effort."

Photos by Tabby Vantas Leaf

This really makes me wish I had done/thought of a cool pose, but I love it anyway.

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Otakon 2014 - Elluka & Gumilla ( Vocaloid Evillious Chronicles / Story of Evil )

Gumilla - Me!  ——-  Elluka - torihime


I got interviewed at Otakon while I was Walhart. I’m at 1:35 =D
They also pan across the friday night FE shoot in the montage near the end. I wasn’t expecting anything like this. It was completely on the spot, so we sound all nervous ^^;

Also, I really like these guys. Most people just take pictures and run (which is fine, theres nothing wrong with that), but they stop to ask not just what you are, but how you made it, who was involved, why, etc. Its pretty cool.

^ What he said.  Ahh, I hate seeing myself on video so awkward.  xD

But!  I loved this, definitely a memorable part of my Otakon.